Knitting an Afghan

I know what you’re thinking. And no, knitting an Afghan does not mean that! Guys, please!! As per Wikipedia (my trusted source for all things academic), an Afghan is a woollen blanket or shawl, knitted or crocheted. It is sometimes also called a “throw” of indeterminate size. Afghans are used as bedspreads, or as a decoration on the back of couches or chairs. For me, an Afghan is a warm blanket, often used as a piece of decor, but better used to snuggle under on cold winter days. It’s more presentable than a Rajai or duvet and can be draped around one’s shoulders like a pretty shawl. If you ask me, an Afghan’s uses are endless, which is why I think we should knit one this winter. In any case, as per the Met Department, this year we are going to have a bone-chilling winter. Brrrr! So better to have as many warm things on hand as possible.

I realise after Project Cowl, I have done no project with all of you, therefore I think it’s time to launch Project Afghan. We’ll do it differently this time since by now most of you know the basics of knitting so I needn’t go into how to cast-on, read a pattern, bind off, etc. For Project Afghan, we’ll do a Knit Along (KAL), which means instead of revealing the entire pattern at once, I will reveal parts of the pattern every week so that all of us can knit at the same time. The patterns I have chosen are such that they allow for a slow reveal, so that should be fun. These patterns will also allow you to brush up on your other skills such as cabling, colour work. so knitting this Afghan is educational as well.

There are two patterns I have in mind and I cannot choose between them, which is why I’m putting it to vote. You know the process, the one that gets the most votes, is the pattern we proceed with. My vote will be the deciding one (unless there are no votes, in which case my vote will actually be the deciding vote, haha!). So here are the two choices –

As you can see, both these Afghans are knitted one square at a time, and then all the squares are seamed together in the end. In my KAL, I will reveal the pattern of one square every week so we can knit it together. Vote wisely, people – this may not be Biden v. Trump, but this is as close a contest as the American election.

One last thing before I sign off for today – for people interested in joining me in the KAL, please click the button below and fill the form. It will allow me to share some tips and patterns with you over email if you choose that option. Don’t worry, you can knit along with me even if you don’t fill this form. But still. Fill it. Pretty please!

That’s all for today. Ciao!


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  1. deeksha1986 says:

    This form appears to need permission. You will need to change access settings. But here’s me signing up 🙂


    1. Pallavi Mohan says:

      This happens when the computer illiterate try their hand at something new. Please try again whenever you have the time. I have changed the settings.


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