French Knitting 2.0

Hello fellow knitters! Those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram probably don’t know that I recently did a Facebook Live session where I taught how a Knitting Dolly can be used in French Knitting to make an I-cord.

Well, first things first, you ask me what is a Knitting Dolly? Here it is

This cute little thing is a Knitting Dolly and it can be used to make an I-cord, which can then be used to make all sorts of beautiful things like headbands, necklaces, bracelets, coasters, etc, etc. I used it to make a Celtic Rose Necklace. Have a look

How is French Knitting done?

Since a lot of people showed interest in learning how to use a Knitting Dolly, I decided to do a demonstration. The video of that demonstration is here

While the video is quite detailed, the camera was not able to capture all the angles. That is why I’m putting up pictures to make it easier. I recommend you refer both to the video and the photographs for a better understanding of the process.

Step 1 – Make a Slipknot and place it on one of the pins (this is Pin A)

Step 2 – Thread the loose end through a tapestry needle and pull it through the hole of the knitting dolly and let it hang there

Step 3 – Move the live yarn (which is attached to the yarn ball) towards the pin on the left of Pin A and wrap it anti-clockwise

Step 4 – Keeping wrapping the yarn in the same way around the remaining two pins until you reach Pin A

Step 5 – Hold the yarn above the slipknot on Pin A, pick up the slip knot by using a DPN or crochet hook or needle and slip it over Pin A

Step 6 – Keep moving the yarn in the clockwise direction and perform the same step i.e. hold the yarn above the original stitch, pick up the stitch and slip it over the pin

Step 7 – Continue with Step 6 – while regularly pulling the yarn hanging through the hole of the knitting dolly – until you reach the desired end of I-Cord. Make sure your last stitch is on Pin A.

Step 8 – To bind off, cut off the live yarn leaving a tail of 6 inches and thread it through a tapestry needle – then pull the needle through the stitch on the pin which is at the left of Pin A and pull tight – now take the stitch off the pin – it has been bound off.

Step 9 – Proceed to bind off the next 3 stitches in the same manner i.e. by pulling your needle through the stitch and taking the stitch off the pin – once all the stitches have been bound off, weave in your end to make it secure – your I-cord is ready.

I am sure the pictures would have made the process of French Knitting clearer. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do and end up making some beautiful things.



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