About Me

Hello there! My name is Pallavi Mohan and I’m a lawyer. I started knitting in the winter of 2017. It wasn’t easy when I started but as they say it took One Knit at a Time. Knitting makes me so happy – has added a lot of colour and dimension to my otherwise monochromatic life. I grew up watching my grandmother and mother knitting prodigiously during the winter months every year. I wish I had paid more attention then. But, as they say, better late than never!

With this website, I want to share the joy I find knitting with all of you – those of you who already knit and those who hope to knit one day. Here I share tips and techniques on how to knit better, photos and videos of projects I am making, links for new yarns and patterns that I discover and all other knitting resources that I have painstakingly unearthed over the last few years. It is my attempt to make your knitting journey smoother than the one I found and change the way we think about knitting along the way.

To tell you a bit more about myself, I live in Delhi with my partner, Nikhil who is a lawyer as well. He will feature on this website in many capacities, though the role he plays best is that of unknotting the many knots that I end up tying myself in, sometimes quite literally – he once spent 4 hours patiently untangling a hopelessly tangled skein of yarn while a fretted and fumed on the side.

We have a dog Olof, a rescued Indie. He is the sole recipient of all our love and affection, but he loves sleeping more than he loves us. Sigh!

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