International Stores

While International stores do not ship to India or usually ship at a very high shipping fee, there are a few stores which provide free shipping if your order is above a certain amount. I have used both these sites personally and I can vouch for the quality of yarn that has been delivered to me.


Knitcrate membership crate

This is actually a subscription box service rather than a yarn store. If you become a member, every month they will send you a crate with 1 or 2 skeins of the yarn chosen for that month along with a knit and crochet pattern designed by one of the designers associated with them. You have 2 main options for the monthly crates – the Membership crate and the Sock crate. There are two types of quarterly crates as well – the Malabrigo crate and the Mrs. Crosby Travels Crate. Every time I see this green-blue box in the mail, my heart starts racing and I’m always very excited to see what is included in that month’s crate. You can also try for fun for a couple of months and then cancel the subscription if you don’t like it. You can access their website here.


This online store has one of the largest inventories of yarns, patterns, needles and other knitting accessories that I have ever seen. Here you’ll find yarns that you’ve only heard about before and that too in a variety of colours. I felt like Alice in Wonderland the first time I browsed through this website. Something interesting about this website is that it sells a number of knitting kits as well. A knitting kit usually includes the pattern, the exact amount of yarn required for that pattern and sometimes even the needles to be used. If you’ve just started knitting, it’s a great way to learn something new and build your collection of needles at the same time. The prices of on this website are a bit steep but it’s alright if you want to indulge yourself once in a while. You can access their website here.


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