The new Metrosexual Indian man

Since my last post, the Gym Bag Syndrome, I have received a lot of congratulatory and encouraging messages. I have my parents to thank for it, who in a moment of great pride, couldn’t resist sharing something they thought everyone should read. Although, I’m more inclined to believe that it was out of a sense of sheer disbelief that the writer was actually a product of their stables. Anyhow, I digress.

What was interesting to me was that of all those messages, not one was from a MAN. This has led me to assume that it might have something to do with the fact that my site uses the word ‘knit’ with some frequency. Because of which I was forced to take a trip down memory lane and to realise that, to this day, I have never EVER seen or heard of an Indian man knitting. I read enough knitting blogs to know that men outside of India don’t seem to suffer from the same affliction.

So what is it, I ask? Knitting not cool enough? To that end, I give you three admittedly cool men who look even cooler knitting

Not to forget, everyone’s favourite

I can’t say for sure if these men knit or not, though Ryan Gosling claims that knitting would constitute his perfect day. But even otherwise, my argument is that men have stormed almost every bastion considered to be conventionally restricted to women- the most recent being the household kitchen. I have seen hundreds of photographs this lockdown season of delicacies produced by our dear gentlemen. In my own household, Nikhil churns out exquisitely crafted meals every other day. So why not knitting? There are well documented benefits of knitting on anxiety and stress – much needed in these trying times. Unlike other addictions, the only harmful effect of a knitting addiction is a drawerful of ill-matched socks (worst case scenario!). It is an activity that can be done inside the house while a boring zoom conference call is going on (provided the video is turned off). I can go on and on with the benefits and believe me, they are endless. Instead, I propose that there should be a new definition of the metrosexual Indian man – a man who knits and proudly owns it.

To top it all, imagine being able to say that confidently


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  1. Manju Mohan says:

    I am proud that you are a product of our stables , both of us feel happy to see you doing two remarkable things together, knitting and writing, love you baby

    Liked by 1 person

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