Enough talk, time to knit

A very close friend of mine (you know who you are!) saw my website for the first time and observed – so far I see lovely writing but no knits. He meant it in the best sort of way and I totally agree with him. I think its time I put my money where my mouth is and showed the world that knitting is everything that I have said it is.

To that end, I propose to launch my very first project on the website. After giving it much thought, I have landed upon the humble cowl as the project that will begin my online knitting journey. A cowl scarf is not very popular in India but it is actually a very useful winter accessory to have in your closet. It keeps your neck warm and unlike an ordinary scarf/muffler you don’t need to find myriad ways to keep it tied to avoid losing it. I feel it also adds a certain chic-ness to an outfit, which an ordinary scarf doesn’t. Check out the difference for yourself

Also, in times of Covid-19, an added advantage is that if you ever forget your mask at home (not that you ever should, tsk tsk!), you can pull the cowl up to protect your nose and mouth. What a wonderful accessory and so simple to make!

I intend to put short clips of my progress daily with detailed instructions in case anyone wants to knit along with me. Knit alongs – also known as KALs are very big in the knitting world and we will explore them later. You will find all relevant links on the Home page of the website. I am aware that some people may not have circular knitting needles yet, so I will try to give simultaneous instructions for straight knitting needles.

So pick up any type of needle and any colour of yarn you like and get ready to cast on with me for your very first project. Tomorrow we start with the three easiest ways to cast on for any knitting project. See ya!


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  1. Manju Mohan says:

    I will pickup my needles after eons to Knit along with dear girl , let’s see if I can rekindle my romance with yarn and circular needles

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  2. Anita Sharma says:

    Continue in the same vein
    Good luck for both your knitting and your writing


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