Dee, I thank thee!

Today I write asking you to welcome to this website one of my closest friends – Deeksha – who has very kindly agreed to do a guest blog. I met Dee (as I like to call her) when we were both in our teens and I have seen her grow into an extremely talented poet. Her observations are astute and her poems are deep and full of meaning. I, however, made a very mundane request for a poem on knitting, especially since she has just started knitting herself. So the next post will be from Deeksha with her small funny poem on knitting.

I hope you will give her the same love and warmth that you have given me. And if you do, then maybe, one day, if you’re really lucky, she’ll let you also read the beautiful words she weaves into poems.

In happier times, when breathing from the same air pocket was not a crime


P.S. As you can see from the heading to this post, my poetry writing skills are abysmal!

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  1. Manju says:

    Clickety click was a common sound when I was growing up in a small town of U.P. Come winters , Mom and all our neighbourhood aunts used to gather on the roof top , knitting with gusto , sharing designs and comparing notes. All knitting was done by experience and guess work . Mom was good at it and mentored many a novices in the art of knitting beautiful pullovers and cardigans .


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