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Best place to start with is always good old Uncle Bezos. Apart from meeting all your needle and knitting accessories’ requirements, Amazon also gives you access to some of the most popular and widely used yarn brands abroad. Some of these are Lions Wool Ease, Vanna’s Choice, Bernat, and Caron Pound. Just to help you along, I’m sharing my personal Amazon Yarn shopping list to give you an idea of what you can find here. Feel free to buy anything you like from this list for your own use, just leave a few things on the list for me to buy as well. Ha ha! My list can be accessed here.

Pradhan Embroidery Store

I have written about this store in an earlier post and there isn’t much more to say. The brick and mortar store is located in Fort, Mumbai. Even though I have never visited the store in person, I regularly buy stuff from there online store and have always been satisfied by the quality and variety of yarns and needles that they stock. You will mostly find yarns of Indian brands here like Ganga Acrowool, Oswal, GulEra and Anchor (for cotton yarn). You can visit their online store here.

Pony Craft Store

Their brick and mortar store is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and even though I haven’t personally visited it, I have it on good authority that it has great collection of yarn and knitting needles apart from other craft items. One of the brands of yarn that they stock, which I really like, is Nako. Check out their online store here.

Vardhman Knit World

In India, the word Vardhaman has almost become synonymous with wool. It is probably the single biggest yarn manufacturer in India and this is quite evident from the wide range of colours and materials in which their yarns are available. In fact, of the few small shops that still stock wool/yarn, most stock only Vardhman yarns. So I say, if it’s variety you want, choose Vardhaman. It’s easily available and very reasonably priced. Though I do have one problem with their yarn, which is that most of their yarn is wool blended with acrylic where the percentage of wool is much less than acrylic. I have observed that any garment which has more acrylic than wool is likely to be very irritable to the skin, but many people find it easier to knit with acrylic so the choice is yours in the end. You can access their online store here.


To be honest, I have recently discovered this store and haven’t yet ordered anything from here. But they have a beautiful collection of silk yarns and that is something which is very difficult to find in India. With silk yarns, you can create garments fit to be worn in parties and other formal events. I, for one, am looking forward to creating something something like that. So as soon as I find a project to do just to these lovely yarns, I am placing my order. Check out their range of silk yarns at their online store here.

The Happy Hands Store

You can buy both hand knitted garments and yarn from this online store. This is one of the few Indian stores that stocks some International yarns from countries such as Uruguay, Italy, New Zealand and Bulgaria. The collection is very limited so I don’t regularly buy from here, but if you want to try an International yarn for a change, I recommend the Malabrigo from Uruguay. You can access their online store here.

Shuttles and Needles

This is more a store for weaving supplies rather than knitting supplies, but I have included it in this list because they have a collection of lovely Merino and Cashmere yarns. This store is more for the pleasure of window shopping rather than buying but then we want some of those as well, don’t we? You can check out their website here.

Knitting Happiness/Ganga Acrowools

Just like Vardhaman, Ganga Acrowools is another popular yarn manufacturer in India. Even though you will find their yarns stocked at various other stores, they have a dedicated online store as well which stocks both domestic and international brands of yarns. Check out their online store here.

The Crochet Bella

Don’t let the name deceive you – yarn is yarn whether it is used for crocheting or knitting. Another place where you’ll find hand knitted products, yarns and accessories all under the same roof. I wouldn’t say that they stock some brand of yarn which isn’t available anywhere else but there is enough variety to keep a yarn lover satisfied. You can access their online store here.

Magic Needles

One more place to buy hand knitted items, yarns, needles and accessories. The brands are the same as most other stores, but sometimes it happens that something you like is sold out in one store, so it is better to know all possible stores from where you can buy the same brands. You can access their online store here.

All Kraftz

Another new store which I have found recently found. They don’t seem to sell yarn but there were plenty needles and knitting accessories to browse through. You can access their online store here.


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